Action Ideas

Sisters and their partners and collaborators daily engage in an array of actions to advance care for Earth and Laudato Si’. As “Caring for Earth, Caring for You” is an area focus of Catholic Sisters Week, March 8-14 is a perfect time to launch such actions or bring even greater focus to ongoing care for Earth initiatives. A sampling of ideas for actions to foster better care for our planet and increase understanding of the need to preserve our common home can be found below.

If your congregation initiates such an action for Catholic Sisters Week—or is already engaged in sustainability initiatives—be sure to post your activity or event on our events calendar. Sign up here to receive Catholic Sisters Week notifications and alerts.


Public Witness

  • Use billboards across our communities (e.g., “Catholic sisters care for the earth because we care for you!”).
  • Launch a public advertising campaign as a means of educating the public.
  • Prepare a joint statement to use as public witness: go to the county steps, or a politician’s offices or a street corner.
  • Sisters all wear a green ribbon during Catholic Sisters Week to engage others about Laudato Si’.
  • Witness locally to issues affecting areas where sisters live and minister.
  • Use social media to advance Laudato Si’.
  • Engage in public witness in support of immigrants (or an organization that works on behalf of immigrants): immigration issues are inextricably linked with environmental devastation and resulting forced migration.
  • Public witness to food insecurity by collecting food/funds for food banks and other organizations that work to counter food insecurity.
  • Hold a “Meatless Monday” activity coupled with an educational initiative illuminating what forgoing meat can mean for food insecurity and in the animal kingdom; donate funds saved by going without meat to organizations that work against food insecurity or on behalf of animal welfare.
  • Letter writing campaigns enable retired sisters to contribute.


  • Take the care for Earth message to churches, ministry sites and places of prayer and insert Laudato Si’ into the day.
  • Use social media as an educational tool for care for Earth and Laudato Si’.
  • Launch care for Earth educational initiatives in schools and via Zoom.
  • Focus educational effort on forced migration caused by ecological devastation and global warming.
  • Educate on the positive impact of one meatless meal per week.
  • Educate Catholics about the call from Pope Francis on behalf of the Church to all of us to engage in the work of caring for Earth.
  • Engage sisters’ partners, parishes and other collaborators on related issues including indigenous peoples, food insecurity, and neighborhood cleanup.

Catholic Sisters Week is a project of Communicators for Women Religious, a professional organization of communicators within religious congregations of women. CWR members promote an understanding of women religious, enhance their image and advance their mission.