Resources You Can Reference All Year


There are plenty of ideas and resources on this website that you can draw upon anytime of year. The Exploring Intersections Webinars are examples of creative and learning resources you can use.

Exploring Intersections Webinars

Are you looking for constructive, nuanced conversations about the big issues of our day? Take advantage of the webinar series Exploring Intersections: Catholic Sisters on Racism, Migration and Climate.

These livestream webinars are timely, relevant conversations about important social issues.

Looking for a webinar to show during Catholic Sisters Week? Consider hosting constructive conversations around webinar viewing parties with Sisters, Associates, Justice and other Committees. Classes and study groups would also benefit from these thought-provoking and engaging conversations.

Host Charish Badzinski–writer, communication consultant, strategic planner, and public relations professional–skillfully navigates conversations among three selected panelists. Each panelist offers unique perspectives, notable achievements and invaluable insight on each topic.

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Webinar Topics include:

Gender Equity

Care of Creation


Racial Justice

Ending Human Trafficking

Eliminating Gun Violence

Economic Justice

Food Security

Restorative Justice

Affordable Housing

Education Justice

Equitable Access to Healthcare — Navigating the Road Ahead


Catholic Sisters Week is a project of Communicators for Women Religious, a professional organization of communicators within religious congregations of women. CWR members promote an understanding of women religious, enhance their image and advance their mission.