Event Checklist


Brainstorm your event.


Gather a group of individuals to determine an appropriate and engaging in-person or virtual event for your community, parish, school, classroom, etc. For inspiration see our Events Ideas page.

Confirm event details.

Once the idea is solidified, confirm the date, time and location of the event and other logistics, such as seating, technology (if hosting a panel presentation) and promotional opportunities. If the event is large-scale (i.e., block party, 5K walk/run), you may be required to attain a city permit.

Confirm attendance of any honorary guests (i.e., sisters) that will be playing an important role at the event as a presenter or guest(s) of honor.

Compile an invitation list.

If personal invitations are required, compile a list and include guests’ mailing address and/or email depending on how you plan to invite attendees. Be sure to compile the list well in advance of the event date.

Create a customized Catholic Sisters Week branded invitation. Include all of the event details and, if relevant, call attention to your website and/or social channels that you plan to use to provide event updates leading up to the event day. Our toolkit will help you.

Distribute invitations.


Send out a customized Catholic Sisters Week-branded invitation to raise awareness of your event Depending on the type of event, be sure to distribute invitations well in advance of the event. If the event has capacity limitations or requires a headcount for meals, please ask invitees to RSVP.

Post your event on the Catholic Sisters Week event listing page!

Promote, promote, promote!

Determine all of the channels of communication to promote your event: website, social media channels, an article in the church bulletin, email or newsletter, hanging posters, distributing flyers, word-of-mouth, etc. Remember, we have planning resources that include posters, logos, and other promotional materials to make promoting your event as easy as possible.

Evaluate news hook and media opportunity.

If a local reporter or journalist would be interested in your event, extend an invitation one week in advance. Check out this year’s Catholic Sisters Week news release as a starting point in your media outreach efforts.

On the event day, take photos to share on social media (use the #catholicsistersweek hashtag) and publish them in a bulletin or newsletter with a follow-up article.

Catholic Sisters Week is a project of Communicators for Women Religious, a professional organization of communicators within religious congregations of women. CWR members promote an understanding of women religious, enhance their image and advance their mission.