For one week, March 8-14, Catholic Sisters Week helps shine the spotlight on women religious and their mission and values through a wide range of campaigns and events. CWR Marketing Committee Chair Stacy Spitler has shared a video update looking ahead to Catholic Sisters Week 2022.

Catholic Sisters Week 2022 Welcome & Resources

Catholic Sisters Week is March 8-14. What is it? And why is CWR – Communicators for Women Religious involved?

Each year, Catholic Sisters Week is an opportunity to increase awareness of the mission and work of women religious. It’s also a time to really focus on community-building. These familiar goals are something that we communicators are engaged in – every day, all year. Yet Catholic Sisters Week allows us to network and collaborate on a greater scale – for greater impact.

Catholic Sisters Week was designed to coincide with Women’s History Month. So, if your congregation or religious order has stories to share that highlight history, legacy, and traditions – this is a great time to connect with your affiliated ministries (schools, universities, local government and community organizations, and more) to collaborate on storytelling and sharing with donors, media, and other audiences.

Catholic Sisters Week is as much about communicating what’s already been accomplished by your congregation as it is about what your congregation is doing now. Legacy stories are golden—heartwarming and enriching.

While awareness about Sister Ministries that are changing the world today are critical to ongoing transformation through the missions and ministries of our congregations and orders.

Don’t let the opportunity to collaborate on planning with Sisters in Leadership, Archives, Associate Life, and Justice Promotion pass you by.

And don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the network and resources your membership in CWR affords you. Planning for Catholic Sisters Week can be a time to think more expansively about strategy and communication goals. Are you looking for ideas to take to your Leadership Team? You can do some research at Here you will find inspiration and solutions that are a good fit for your congregation among the events and activities your colleagues accomplished last year.


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