We Remember Ita, Maura, Dorothy and Jean by Supporting Women Projects in El Salvador and Honduras

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December 2nd marks the 40th anniversary of the Roses in December martyrs, Dorothy Kazel, OSU, Maura Clarke, MM, Ita Ford, MM and Jean Donovan who were brutally murdered by the U.S.-supported Salvadoran military for their ministry and for their dedication to those living in poverty. They were called “subversives” because they were accompanying refugee families who had fallen victim to the escalating violence and oppression that eventually led to civil war.
LCWR and the SHARE Foundation invite women religious especially to celebrate the gift of these four women and remember all of those who dedicated their lives to working for justice in El Salvador and throughout the world. The anniversary is an opportunity to offer their story to a new generation hungry for a share of their love, selflessness and courage.
Please plan now to host a prayer vigil, evening of conversation and story-telling, retreat, or other gathering in your communities, parishes or educational institutions to honor the memory of Ita, Maura, Dorothy, and Jean and those who continue to follow in their footsteps. Invite searchers and seekers and tell the story of these missioners’ lives and ministries and invite others to follow their example of faith in action.
Organizers hope to commemorate the lives of the Roses in December martyrs by hosting 40 remembrances in 40 cities to mark the 40th anniversary.   The SHARE Foundation is collecting brief descriptions of local events. Send details to (jose@share-elsalvador.org) to be counted among the 40.
A toolkit to help with local organizing is now available  and includes:  
the story of the four church women; background on El Salvador; ideas for the celebration; a prayer service; ideas for action and advocacy; media suggestions; and a list of resources. Please visit our website.
We invite you remember Ita, Maura, Dorothy and Jean by supporting women in El Salvador and Honduras in projects that keep their spirit alive.
“The Roses in December” delegation to El Salvador and Honduras originally scheduled for November 29 to December 7, 2020 is rescheduled to December for 2021.
We have beautiful anniversary posters; please let jose@share-elsalvador.org know how many you want.
Ita, Maura, Dorothy, Jean and all the martyrs, PRESENTE, PRESENTE, PRESENTE,…
Jose Artiga
Executive Director