Sisters worldwide worked to answer the challenges facing us throughout 2021, including the ongoing pandemic as well as climate change and migration crises. Global Sisters Report chronicled these efforts over the last 12 months:

“Few years have felt as connected to the previous one as 2021 — largely because the global pandemic which raged in 2020 continued to do so in 2021, dominating life and news everywhere.


While some progress was made — with sisters helping efforts to curb the pandemic — vaccination disparities continue throughout the world. And as 2021 ended, even as the delta variant that appeared midyear was still affecting many areas, the global community faced anxieties about a new strain of COVID-19 with the omicron variant.


There were other challenges in 2021 — serious ones. Climate change and the need to protect the Earth became even more prominent issues. So did racism and its reckoning, particularly among sister congregations.”

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