Catholic Sisters Week is only six months away and it’s time to start thinking about how we’ll mark March 8-14, 2021, by Celebrating Traditions, Changing the World. COVID-19 caught the tail end of our 2020 Catholic Sisters Week events and it’s likely that many 2021 events will still be virtual.

So how do we recognize, celebrate and honor women religious today when we may not be able to gather physically? By moving into the future with these women who are “stepping out because the alternative is staying put and becoming stagnant and irrelevant,” writes Virginia Herbers, ASCJ, in the most recent issue of LCWR’s Occasional Papers. Her reflection on living religious life today is called “Dreaming Bold” and she believes the future looks like “gathering up all that used to be so certain and holding it gently, to sift through the wheat and the chaff.”

This is the bold spirt we will make the time to honor in a special way March 8-14, 2021. It is a spirt that doesn’t run away as old certainties fall away in the wake of a pandemic, the unmasking of the role of white privilege in maintaining systemic racism, or a growing political divide. Rather, the charisms and traditions of women religious shine light on this suffering and call us to awareness of our own complicity in it and challenge us to work for healing, peace, and justice.

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The Catholic Sisters Week Task Force and Communicators for Women Religious